Thursday, June 2, 2011

2000 honda civic brake leak?

Ok so last week my brake light went on and so I figured out I needed to add brake fluid. So today when I was leaving a started my car and the brake light was on again so I popped the hood to check the fluid and I noticed a big puddle near the front passanger tire. I added the fluid and had no choice but to drive and pray that I would make it safe. What could be the problem, someone told me I might just need to change the disc, how exspensive is that?2000 honda civic brake leak?
The disc isn't involved. Probably a loose fitting or a cracked hose up front, fairly normal. Now, if it is a cracked hose, get both of them replaced.2000 honda civic brake leak?
good news is this is an easy fix . bad news is it needs to be done by a profesional . sounds like you have a leaky caliper . if that is the case you will need to replace the caliper and go ahead and change the front brake pads while you are at it .2000 honda civic brake leak?
it,s not the rotors, the rotors don,t leak but a broken hose, caliper or broken line will. it,s probably the hose going to the caliper has a hole in it.
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